Address: Jl. Cimanggu Kecil Komp. Puslitbangtri No.CC-3 Bogor
Phone/WA: 087770681698

Petunjuk Arah:
– Jalan masuk berada di antara kantor BALITVET dan ruko Ciwaringin di Jl. RE Martadinata, 20 meter dari jalan raya. Gunakan fly over Martadinata agar bebas macet.
– Search Marun Spa di Google Maps, Gojek, Grab atau Waze.

5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi this is Aliya, I have a question. Is that ‘Marun Spa’ only in Bogor?
    I’m actually lived in Jakarta, and I interested with your programs.
    Let me know if you have in nearly Jakarta. It would be an appreciate.

    I look forward your response. Thanks.


    1. Halo Aliya,
      At the moment Marun Spa is only in Bogor. Maybe you can come and visit us here, it is not far from Presidential Palace of Bogor and you can have the direction to go to Marun via Waze or Google Maps.


  2. Do you still sell essential oils?
    You mentioned that it is 100% pure.
    Does it mean you are selling theurapic grade eo which can be use internally? I would like to know the backgroung of eo that you are selling.. Does it use pesticide? Hopefully you could answer my curiosity.. I am looking for eo i can use internally.
    Thank you

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